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  How Jacob Refinishes Floors:
One of the first questions people ask Jacob is about the floor refinishing process.

First he sands the floor with grid #24, #36 and #60 sandpaper, then fills in any cracks with wood filler. Then he sands again with #60, #80 and #100.

Even though there are dust catchers on the machines, he keeps cleaning during this process to keep the environment as dust-free as possible.

If a customer wants a stain on the floor, he shows 3 different colors on a portion of the sanded floor so people can actually see how the colors look and pick the one they like.
Then he applies three coats of the highest & best quality water-based polyurethane, allowing 2-3 drying time hours between applications.

When the polyurethane is thoroughly dry, he re-sands the floor again with high grid sandpaper to make sure it's smooth and then applies a 4th and final coat of polyurethane.

The best part of all this is that you can stay in your own home during the entire refinishing process!

Need furniture moved or carpets taken up or new molding installed? Jacob does it all.